Kettlebell Juggling and Kettlebell Ballistics Competition

Ballistic Training with Kettlebell Juggling.

Ballistics: the science or art of designing and accelerating projectiles so as to achieve a desired performance.

Ballistic Body: a body which is free to move, behave, and be modified in appearance, contour, or texture by ambient conditions, substances, or forces.

Kettlebell training is an awesome exercise that builds strength and agility, but doing repetitious movements can get boring after a while, and you may find yourself starting to juggle your kettlebells. Kettlebell Juggling builds strength from all angles but regular swings, snatches and cleans work in a direct line moving forward and back. The question is, can you use your strength behind your back and to your sides?

The ballistic exercises of kettlebells helps to teach your body how to absorb shock and redirect force, much like Parkour training does with your whole body. Kettlebell juggling takes this body learning of shock absorption and redirection to another level, except it’s coming from all different directions and angles.

Throwing kettlebell weights around takes quick reflexes and good hand-eye coordination, which can be built by just juggling balls, but with the kettlebells you get the strength and endurance tied in.

Quick reflexes and good hand-eye coordination are just a few of the benefits, but they’re huge, especially if you practice any form of martial arts, and most athletes in any sport could stand to improve upon these traits. Quite simply put, kettlebell juggling will make you much more athletic, with better stamina, balance and coordination with the chaotic and explosive elements of this form of kettlebell training.

Below is an Awesome video of a Russian girl doing competition juggling with what looks like a pretty good sized Russian Kettlebell. Be sure to listen to the music, it’s awesome.

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