Jillian Michaels Kettlebell DVD


jillian Michaels Kettlebell DVD

Jillian Michael’s has a kettlebell DVD that many have been waiting and longing for, and it’s awesome. Get ready for a fresh, dynamic way to work out! Jillian Michaels adds extra weight to her hard-core circuit training techniques for a total-body workout designed to burn maximum fat. Using a kettlebell or a single hand weight, Shred-It With Weights helps you build lean muscle and burn mega calories with two 30-minute boot camp workouts. Begin with Level 1 and progress to Level 2 for maximum body- shredding results. Stick with Jillian’s program for 30 days and you could see a lean, shredded body.

Jillian Michaels Kettlebell DVD – $10.00 at Amazon.com


Jillian Michaels Kettlebell DVD

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