Effective Full Body Kettlebell Training – Know How To Work Your Body

Kettlebell training has been proven to be a well rounded effective training program that builds muscle, increases endurance, and increases a person’s overall fitness. It involves the use of a weight ball with a handle which comes in varying weights. Just as in weight training, Kettlebell training requires a balanced approach of movements rather than sticking to just one type of exercise. A person who focuses on just one or two types of Kettlebell training drills will not see the desired results. The most effective Kettlebell training is one which incorporates different types of exercises.

The secrets of Kettlebell training are the basics or pillars. One such pillar is the Kettlebell military press or floor press. This involves standing shoulder width apart with the Kettlebells at shoulder height. The military press is executed when the Kettlebells are raised above the head and brought down. The floor press is similar except the person is lying on the floor.

Another secret to Kettlebell training is the pull. Pulls are performed by getting into the raised position of a push up and then pulling the Kettlebell towards the body. Variations of the pull can be done and all these will help in the overall effectiveness of Kettlebell training.

Squats are an important component of basic Kettlebell training. A Kettlebell squat is similar to a traditional squat except that Kettlebells are held in each hand at shoulder level during the entire squat. Variations to the squat can be performed and include holding the Kettlebell extended over the head into the air. Another variation is to complete a one legged squat using two Kettlebells.

Kettlebell training includes a lower body pull which is more of a swing of the Kettlebells. In the double swing, a person stands shoulder width apart and reaches between one’s legs and picks up two Kettlebells. The person then swings them outward and forward before replacing them between one’s legs. This swing muscle works the hamstrings in addition to the calves, glutes, and shoulders.

Strengthening the core is an essential component of Kettlebell training. Two core exercises are available for individuals. One is the windmill. The windmill involves holding one Kettlebell over head whilst one is at one’s feet. The exerciser must bend down to pick up the other Kettlebell and keep the Kettlebell over one’s head in a locked position.

Although these are basic fundamental exercises of Kettlebell training, the secret to effective training is to perform all these basic exercises rather than focusing on one. These combined basic exercises work all the muscles and provide a more balanced workout. A well rounded training program will produce better results.

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