Enter the Kettlebell DVD Review

“Enter the Kettlebell” is”The Shortcut to Extreme Strength and Elite Conditioning Guaranteed.” But, does it really deliver? I own this DVD, I love it and it’s a great start for beginners using kettlebells.

Length of DVD

Enter The Kettlebell

Enter The Kettlebell DVD Video

The DVD is 46 minutes in length and has Pavel Tsatsouline laying out a complete and simple system for mastering the art of kettlebell training. “Enter the Kettlebell” is the results of five years of intense research and development based on the knowledge and expertise of the main proponent of Russian Kettlebell Training, Pavel Tsatsouline.

What Enter the Kettlebell Does

Enter the Kettlebells objective is to build strength development. You’ll build the strength and the ability to meet the demands for any situation.

You will maximize your stamina. If you are a fighter or an athlete, your skills are only as good as endurance. Pavel gives you the edge to overcome and dominate your competitors.

Building a solid physique. This training is not the type of strength training that only does you good when you are in the gym. Pavel knows how to build the strength you can use when it’s most critical, in everyday situations.

Pavel Tstatsouline is the man who has dedicated most of his career working with elite military forces, both the Soviet Union and the United States. These are the workouts and exercises he uses to turn these guys into lean fighting machines. What more qualification do you need? There are many other DVDs for the same price or more, created by people with way less qualifications than this guy has.

Be Amazing Feel Amazing - Kettlebells

What’s Covered?

He really covers all the bases when it comes to doing the exercises the correct way, for safety and maximum results. Pavel takes you step by step through the process which will take you from beginner in kettlebell training to advanced.

There are three stages to this process and the third is what he has used to propel people to Special Forces level conditioning for strength, speed and stamina. This is the most thorough workout you could hope for. Once you get the exercises down, you can turn your training routine into one routine which covers the whole body. A great deal for less than 30 dollars.

Who is “Enter the Kettlebell” For?

If you’ve never picked up a kettlebell before and you’d like to expand your range of kettlebell exercises, this is the DVD to own.

How far you take your kettlebell training depends on how seriously you take your physical conditioning. If you’re a professional fighter or athlete, using this routine could very well putĀ  you in the spotlight of your competition.

This training is for firefighters, law enforcement, and military. Pavel is someone who the military elite trust with their survival. Why? Because if they can’t out match their opponent it could cost them their life.

For body builders and strength trainers, this can help you with the weak spots in your lifts, in your physique and could save you a lot of extra training time that could have been spent working with conventional weights.

For the normal, everyday person, who wants to have a great physique and be in the top physical shape of your life, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

How much does the DVD cost?

The workout DVD is worth the price you pay for it, it’s only $29.95, but it’s worth so much more!

Pavel Tstatsouline promises 100% money back guarantee, because he has a reputation that speaks for itself. Skip all the research and trainers, get this DVD and be satisfied with your results.

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