Effective Full Body Kettlebell Training – Know How To Work Your Body

Kettlebell training has been proven to be a well rounded effective training program that builds muscle, increases endurance, and increases a person’s overall fitness. It involves the use of a weight ball with a handle which comes in varying weights. Just as in weight training, Kettlebell training requires a balanced approach of movements rather than sticking to just one type of exercise. A person who focuses on just one or two types of Kettlebell training drills will not see the desired results. The most effective Kettlebell training is one which incorporates different types of exercises.

The secrets of Kettlebell training are the basics or pillars. One such pillar is the Kettlebell military press or floor press. This involves standing shoulder width apart with the Kettlebells at shoulder height. The military press is executed when the Kettlebells are raised above the head and brought down. The floor press is similar except the person is lying on the floor. Continue reading

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Kettlebell Training For Fat Loss

Kettlebells are Hot, and they’re becoming hotter. Introduced to the market in 2001 in the landmark book, “The Russian Kettlebell Challenge” by former Soviet Special Forces PT Instructor, Pavel Tsatsouline, kettlebells were first welcomed by “hard-living comrades” like martial artists, law enforcement officers, and military special operators.

But now everyone from “Grandma Betty” to the TV show “The Biggest Loser” contestants are in love with kettlebells, because of the dramatic results they produce in very short periods of time.

Kettlebell users report phenomenal increases in strength, flexibility and most importantly to us: Fat Loss.

So what’s the absolute best exercise for kettlebell fat loss? Here’s the short lis of the the top 5 exercises for kettlebell fat loss ranked from beginner to advanced.

1. The Kettlebell Swing (Beginner).

Set yourself up in a deadlift position. You should feel some tightness in your gluts and hamstrings. The kettlebell should be on the ground at about arm’s length in front of you.

Fold at the waist and stick your butt out and place both hands on the kettlebell handle. Hike the kettlebell between your legs high into the groin like hiking a football. Continue reading

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Kettlebells for Dummies

The way to a full-body workout with amazing results with kettlebells

Have you heard the buzz about the all-in-one strength and cardio workout that works every muscle in the body at once? There’s a reason why professional athletes and A-list celebrities are joining the Kettlebells revolution-and now you can, too!

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Kettlebells for Dummies

With numerous step-by-step photos throughout, Kettlebells For Dummies gives you everything you need to use kettlebells to safely improve strength, endurance, flexibility, joint durability, agility, mobility, athletic movement, and proper body alignment. Whether you’re in your teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 60s and beyond, you’ll discover how this fast-growing fitness phenomenon can boost your metabolism and help you lose weight by mastering numerous kettlebell exercises.

  • One of the most effective workouts for burning fat, building lean muscle, and achieving core strength
  • One-hour workout can burn as much as 1,000 calories
  • Named one of the most popular fitness trends in 2009

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed gym rat or have never lifted a weight, Kettlebells For Dummies shows you that it’s easy to use kettlebells to achieve a full-body workout that yields amazing results. Continue reading

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