Missy Beaver Kettlebell DVD Video

Missy Beavers Kettlebell DVD Video

Available at DragonDoor – $24

Missy Beaver, also known at MisFit, has a DVD Video called “Misfits Kettlebell Basix”. It’s an easy to follow 25 minute workout that takes you safely through basic lifting, swinging, pressing, and stretching methods that will increase your cardio levels, strength, and flexibility at the same time. In one week, you’ll feel different. In two weeks, you’ll look different. And in three weeks, people will wonder what you are doing.
Expect: leaner hips and thighs, a tighter waistline, and stronger more toned arms, in just a few shorts weeks.


Missy Beaver's Kettlebell DVD Video

Misfit’s Kettlebell Basix is one of Missy Beaver’s most popular beach workouts; because of its simplicity, safety, and rapid results. There are technique demonstrations for everyone to follow. It is super simple, so if you are a beginner then this is for you!

The DVD starts with joint mobility to open up your body from your head down to your feet. There are ten exercises beginning with the two handed swing, two handed push press, one hand snatch pull, box squats, DARC swing, clean, push press, tactical lunge, suitcase dead lift, and a combination consisting of three previous exercises. We end with stretches which are a precursor for the next DVD, which is coming soon! The kind of results you get from these exercises will even satisfy the most body conscious bathing suit model.

Missy Beaver’s celebrity client list has included: Paige Adams Gellar (Paige Premium Denim, best butt in the business), Olivia Newton John, Bruce Buffer, cast members from Grey’s Anatomy and Nip/Tuck, Mary Kaye Place, Tito Ortiz and Fisher Stevens.

Missy’s outdoor kettlebell classes have become part of the Santa Monica beach scene, but if you are not lucky enough to be able to take a beach class, the DVD brings the serenity of the beach right into your living room. More info and testimonials Click Here.

Missy Beaver is also in another DVD called “Return of the Kettlebell“, however if you are just starting out, I suggest just sticking with Misfit’s Kettlebell Basix.


Missy Beaver, Return of the Kettlebell

Return of the Kettlebell DVD with Missy Beaver – $34, Run Time 48 minutes


Missy Beaver's Kettlebell DVD


Missy Beavers Santa Monica/Hollywood Gym

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