RussianKettlebellTraining.Com is a site for the beginner to the advanced Kettlebell user. The site is free to use with Free Kettlebell Training Videos to watch. We do have affiliates links to Kettlebell DVD’s from Dragon Door Publications, and are highly recommended. There are also books for Kettlebell Training on Amazon.Com.

RussianKettlebellTraining.Com is here for the help of anyone who wants to change their life, empower themselves, and get a better self image, both physically and emotionally. I am personally doing the Enter the Kettlebell Training routine. Why? I’ll tell You…

I’m 46 years young, and my wife and I just had our second daughter. While she was pregnant I gained a significant amount of weight, 28 lbs. It may not be much to you but for someone who was already about 20 lbs overweight, it makes for 48 lbs overweight. Not good. I now weigh 228 lbs, and I am 5’9″.

I used to lift weights and had a nice body, great physique and I wasn’t embarrassed to take off my shirt. While I am not super proud of my belly, my wife is embarrassed whenever I take my shirt off.

I injured myself a while back when lifting, because I didn’t stretch, and had to use painkillers for a time as the back pain was unbearable. After getting off those and realizing if I stretched regularly, the back problems would go away, but getting back to the gym has been harder than expected.

I feel like I am starting to feel my age, and at 46 I feel like I shouldn’t. My lower back is giving me problems, I have a belly, and I’m about 48 lbs overweight. With all these things happening, as well as having two very young daughters, I feel like i need to kick start my body back into better shape and better health.

This is why I created RussianKettlebellTraining.Com. To research and share what I have found that works, what’s interesting and what’s informative. I’m doing it for myself, and since I am already doing it, I’m sharing it with you.

Here’s to your health and wellness…

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