Russian Kettlebell Video on “LIVE with Regis and Kelly” with Missy Beaver

Missy Beaver, a certified Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor, was on “LIVE with Regis and Kelly” to show them and much of the world, about the Russian Kettlebell Revolution. Watching this video you will see Missy’s great form in using the kettlebells, and see the difference in Regis and Kelly as they are beginners.

Missy Beaver is quite an impressive girl, from her website: “Missy was one of the first certified Russian Kettlebell Trainers in America and her outdoor kettlebell classes have become a staple of the Santa Monica beach scene.”

Not only is she strikingly beautiful but she has an impressive collection of media, articles and videos on her website, Miss Fit LA. If you are looking to get fit in Santa Monica amongst the stars, she’s the one to see. She even has a video she was in on Nip/Tuck.

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