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Top 5 Kettlebell Exercises For Women

Did you know that Kettlebell training for women is very popularat the gym these days? More women purchase Kettlebells and related accessories than men. Maybe they know that Kettlebell exercises aren’t just for men. Women are getting impressive results with … Continue reading

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Kettlebells for Hip Flexor Stretches and Low back Pain

Tight Hip Flexors and Low Back Pain If you are suffering from Low Back Pain, or pain in the Hip Flexors(Tight Hip Flexors) in general, this post and these videos will help you with loosening them up. Lower back muscle … Continue reading

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Kettlebell Training for Women, Sculpting The Body You Deserve

Kettlebell Training will help you to burn fat, build lean muscle and give you the perfectly toned female figure. If you’ve tried other workout programs, some of the diets and still haven’t gotten the results you are looking for, then … Continue reading

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